Penpal listings with photos and postal addresses
Thursday, July 28, 2005 at 11:29:01

CUJG47- Georgia Lores Anaya, Calle 4 No 55 entre 5 y 7, Reparto Asuncion, CU-90300 Stgo de Cuba, CUBA. A:31f, soltera O: tecnica comercial H: mantener relaci’n para amistad y matrimonia con un buen hombre.

RUJG48- Vyacheslav Ilyin, Poste Restabnte, RU-119919 Moscow, RUSSIA. A:55m, 180/85 H: dance, music, books, chess, theatre, engineering science, sport, travel- I'm looking for a woman 50-55, for marriage O: engineer.

INJG49- Rameswar Patro, 15-75 Society Building, Bus Stand Chowk, IN-761110 Aska; Orisa, INDIA. A:50m H: broadminded pals worldwide - we have hundreds of thousands of stamps of all world, above 100 countries, usend and unused since 1950, also coins, banknotes, phonecards, FDCs, IRCs - we will hand over all for only $ 5000 = five thousand dollars. Kindly contact soon !

USJG51- Donna Kay Dkike 662933, 1916 N Hwy 36 By Pass, Lane Murray Unit K3A33, Gatesville TX 76596, USA. A:40f, 5'9"/170 lbs, incarcerated. I'm open-minded, honest about things, seeking a nice financially secure companion. H: reading, writing.

GHJG52-+ Mercy Obeng, PO Box 2339, Sunyani BA, GHANA. A:26f, slim, kind, honest, faithful, trustworthy H: travel, music, sports, cooking, nature, swimming - I'm marriage-minded ! PHOTO >>>>>

GHJG53- Tuah Ankomah, Hope Prepatory School, PMB WF 94, Wamfie BA, GHANA. A:16 L: English H: corresponding worldwide, exchange of gifts and currencies, photos, cards.

GHJG54- John Mbila, PO Box 766, Koforidua, GHANA. A:15m L: English
H: writing, penpals.

GHGJ56- Octoo Mawuko, PO Box KF 1866, K'dua ER, GHANA.
A:13m L: English H: exchange of gifts and letters.

GHJG57- Christina Nyarko, PO Box 72, Agona Nyakrom, GHANA. A:25f, beautiful, sexy, caring, romantic, understanding - looking for a man 25-up, relationship leading to marriage.

Monday, July 25, 2005 at 13:20:09

SGJG32+ Doris Ong, Block 504, SG-460504 Bedok North St 3 - 10-126, SINGAPORE. A:44f, 5', 49 kg, single, black hair and eyes L: English, Mandarin
H: nature, sea beach, travel, music, candle light dinner - looking for a sincere man for possible marriage, age 44-51, from New Zealand, Switzerland or Europe. Photo if possible. I am ready to give true love to my right man.

GHJG36- Eric Frimpong, PO Box KF 766, Koforidua; GHANA. A:15m L: English
H: exchange of gifts and letters.

GHJG39-+ Sandra Jones, PO Box 71, Pinanko; GHANA. A:26f, single H: reading, music, dancing, barbecue, sunbathing - I wish to form a strong love that leads to something more in the future.

INJG41- Rani Sirkara, 8Z/1B/12 Rahim Ostagar Road, IN-700045 Calcutta, INDIA. A:30f H: adult friendship, adult correspondence, foreign money exchange, movie - return postage, please !

GMJG42- Pa Badjie, c/o Lamin S Camara, Medical Research Council, PO Box 273, Banjul; GAMBIA. A:19 L: English H: penpals worldwide.

GHJG43- Gilbert K Tsatsu, PO Box 1147, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:11m L: English H: penpals worldwide.

GHJG44-+ Queenster Ofori, Mushaduana Sport 45 Street, PO Box 306, Berekum BA, GHANA. A:26f, beautiful, loyal, kind, loving, caring, understanding, romantic, single H: seeking for honest single, loving, serious, caring and marriage minded man to spend the rest of my life with, for long-term relationship.

Always use several large size commemorative stamps on your snailmail envelopes, they attract attention and are appreciated by the collectors.

Monday, July 18, 2005 at 11:08:27

USJG15+ Ronald Sevey, 5308 N 28th Dr, Phoenix AZ 85017, USA.
A:28wm L: English H: music, photography, exchanges, travel, penfriends, friendship leading into marriage. Ladies: I have a fine penpal club here in America (since 1996), so if you like American men to write you send your biodata and latest pictures for publishing. Broadminded ladies - I will print any picture you send.

CAJG16+ Lisa Harrison, 414-3600 Windcrest Dr, CA-V7G-2S5 North Vancouver BC, CANADA. A:37f L: English H: ancient history, anthropology, archeology, music, books, cultural folkklore and having tons of penfriends, please write to me !

GHJG18- Richmond Sarkodie, PO Box 437, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:14m L: English H: penpals.

GHJG19- Bright Owusu-Agyeman, PO Box AF 58, Effiduase-Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:14m L: English H: penpals.

CUJG20- Ziomara Sanchez Castillo, U-147 Dpt 3 Micro IX, Distr Jose Marti, CU-91100 Santiago de Cuba, CUBA. A:?f, single, young, good loking, brown skin L: English, Spanish H:honest, sincere communication with men from abroad, any age - I can send photos.

GHJG21-+ Abdul Lateef Iddrissu, PO Box BJ 124, Awutu-Bawjiase CR, GHANA. A:24m H: exchanging of gifts, swimming, travel, penfriends. PHOTO >>>

GHJG21a- Jocely Allahumma, PO Box BJ 68, Bawjiase CR, GHANA. A:21f, 5'3", 115 lbs, beautiful, well educated H: cooking, baking, beach going, watching movies,seeking marriage minded males, photo please.

CAJG22- Vedrana Urkic, 707-1228 Nicola St, CA-V6G-2Y6 Vancouver BC, CANADA. A:43f O: songwriter H: penpals.

GHJG25- Sylvestina Boakye, PO Box AX 557, Takoradi; GHANA. A:23f H: travelling, sports, music, reading, movies, corresponding.

CUJG26- Jose Lester Ferrin Leonord, Emilio Bacerdin 24 % Gusto, Sala y Felebento Guessa, Reparto Municipal, Santiago de Cuba; CUBA. A:24 O: estudiante, secretario general H: cultura, costumbra.

PKJG27-+ Muhammad Jahangir, H No 486 Block 4 Sector D/2, Green Town, Lahore; PAKISTAN. A:26m, 5'7", 75 kg, single E: Bachelor of Education H: reading, travelling, geography, languages, foreign cultures, music, broadminded - I'm seeking a lifetime partner CA US EU JP KR AU. PHOTO >>>

CUJG28- Yaritza Zamora S, U-313 apto 8 Micro 9, Distrito Jose Marti, CU-91100 Stgo de Cuba, CUBA. A:26f, 54/165, soltera E: estudio en la universidad H: la musica, el bailew, leer, hacer ejercicion - soy muy honesta, sincera, sereilla, alegre.

GHJG29-+ Boateng Hermann Joseph, PB SWD 841, Agona Swedru, GHANA. A:22m L: English H: wish to find my love, ready to meet all races. PHOTO >>>

GHJG29a-+ Sheena Kandy Lindsey, PO Box SWD 841, Agona Swedru, GHANA. A:29f Loving, bold, easy going, attractive... Welcome me into your heart - hot and cold mails welcome. L: English, French. <<< PHOTO

Monday, July 11, 2005 at 10:22:16

DEJG1+ Peter Teynor, Postfach 1120, DE-91251 Pegnitz, GERMANY. A:61m L: German, English, Spanish, Portuguese H: coloured postcards, illustrated calendars, nature, animals, travelling by train, sports, music, friendship all around the world to any sex and any age.

USJG2- James R Ball 200-727, 2500 So Avon-Belden Rd, Grafton OH 44044, USA. I seek penfriends worldwide for bm adult correspondence, and marriage partner in their 30's, possibly older. I welcome single, divorcee, widow and people of Asian descent etc. H: hiking, exercising, guitar L: English.

GHJG3- Abdulfatao Yakubu, c/o Helmut Amoako, PO Box KF 284, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:14m L: English H: penpals worldwide.

GHJG4- Abdulwadud M Tijani, PO Box KF 365, Koforidua ER; GHANA. A:17m H: exchange of gifts, singing, music, basketball, reading.

GHGJ5- Abdul Karim, c/o Mohammed Kofi, PO Box 1075, Koforidua ER; GHANA. A:13m H: penpals worldwide.

USJG10- Dick Rhodes, New River West-NI, 7819 NW 228th St, Raiford FL 32026-3550, USA. A:33m L: English, would like to learn more ! H: spiritual astrology,ww teachings mystics, enlightened let's write.

Saturday, July 2, 2005 at 10:40:05

ILJF49- David Margulis, Str Kibowich t6/10, Rehovot; ISRAEL. Advanced collector (18 yrs) of alte AK, KK, Osterreich, ganze Landes, old postcards of Kaiser Franz Josef, Kaiserin Elisabeth, monuments, personalia.

GHJF50- Sandra Ofori Appiah, Old Town Avenue, PO Box Ave DA 583, Akim Oda ER, GHANA. A:23f, 159/54, caring, lovely H: travel, meeting, music, marriage, wish to meet my partner, any age, worldwide.

GHJF51-+ Nafisa Swallah, PO Box KT 433, Kotobabi Accra, GHANA. A:27f L: English H: travel, reading letters, writing,games, movies, music, cooking, love, beaches, swimming, romance, marriage minded men write ! <<< PHOTO

GHJF53-+ Margaret Heighty, PO Box 48, Agona; Nyakrom, GHANA. A:26f H: meeting friends, love, cool music, writing lovely hot letters, beach swimming, bush walking, visits, exchange photos. PHOTO >>>

CUJF55- Odalis Villelon Barrera, Calle 3 ra - 12 % 4ta Ylamacho Padro, Reporto Dessy, CU-90200 Santiago de Cuba, CUBA. A:38 H: deceo conocer nueva amistads, la musica clasica, les floras, el mar, la bebida sobre, la fiesta.

CUJF56- Idalmis Prada Laureneio, Calle: Comancie 21 int % Pineiro y Flores, Rpto Luis Dagn , CU-90020 Santiago de Cuba, CUBA. A:29, 155/60 H: la musica, el baile, la lectua, la tranquilidad - buseo un hombre que quiera formaliza una relaci’n.

GHJF57-+ Naomi Mensah, PO Box KR 28, Akim Akroso ER, GHANA. A:28f, 5'6", 78 kg O: teacher H: swimming, sex, movies, teaching, reading - seek a man for marriage, photo please. PHOTO >>>

Wednesday, June 22, 2005 at 11:30:07

BDJF36++ Ms Kazol, Mushri; Rupganj, BD-1460 Narayanganj, BANGLADESH. A:16f L: English, Bengali
H: music, dancing - I promise to reply all letters as I truly need a friend. PHOTO >>>

CUJF37- Beatriz Baez Hernandez, Calle 14 Edificio 103, Apto 5 % 1ra y 5ta, Rpto Versalles, CU-90700 Stgo de Cuba 7; CUBA. A:38f, single O: teacher of English L: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French H: I'm nice, pleasant, kind hearted - would like relationship with people all over the world.

MAJF38- Hicham Channouri, Hay Bontoil, MA-22650 Beni Ayat Tizhuit, Beni Mellala; MOROCCO. A:23m O: university student H: nature, animals, cats, dogs, birds, friends worldwide.

USJF39+ Paul Skinner, PO Box 359, Lovelock NV 89419, USA. A:45m, 6'2?", 220 lbs, light skinned ex college football player H: looking for a super smart, sophisticated woman who loves life, kids, husband, family and friends - I have poems and love letters for you !!! Picture would be nice. Email:

GHJF40- Frederick Kweku Ango Yamson, PO Box 142; 11th Street BP, Assamansudu-Sekondi, GHANA. A:?m, 186 cm O: musician H: looking for a woman, 23-50, for serious relationship and marriage.

CUJF41- Mercedes Ross Salazar, Carretera del Contry Club km 1.5, H 113 Marianaje, CU-91400 Caney; CUBA. A:32f, 165/60 H: la lecturas seros, hacer exercieios, la musica, salsa, romantica y la clasica - deseo coconer a hombres 33-50.

JPJF42- Takahiro Matsushita, A 301 Mukaiyama Gakusei Kaikan, 1-22 Mukaiyama; 2 chome, Taihaku-ku; Sendai-shi, JP-982-0841 Miyagi; JAPAN. A:20m O: college student L: English H: female penpals wanted in Finland, age 18-22.

USJF44- Kevin Kirkpatrick of Michigan USA writes:
"Please send a back issue of Signal. I used to take your magazine 20 years ago."
It's always nice to receive mail from really old Signal readers !
Raimo Kaarna, the publisher

GHJF46-+ Mary Adutwumwaa, PO Box 1705, Sunyani BA, GHANA. A:26f, single H: movies, music, dancing - willing to meet any unmarried man, photo, phone number please. PHOTO >>>

Tuesday, June 13, 2005 at 11:37:48

SEJF19+ SWEDISH GIRLS and marriage-minded singles from 90 countries with photo and phone. Choose age, height, weight, hair colour, eye colour, bodily. FREE introduction to 45.000 women. Print your address. Write only to: Overseas-16, Box 9040, SE-17109 Solna, SWEDEN.

Saturday, June 11, 2005 at 13:43:22

USJF1+ Henry Gutwirth, 525 W Oakdale Ave apt 204, Chicago IL 60657-5714, USA. A:60m H: reading, travel, books, cinema, music, art, restaurants - seeking new friends.

GHJF2a-+ Christabel Yankson, Box SW 881, Agona Swedru CR, GHANA. O: hairdresser, single H: sport, music, card, hot letter, animal, meeting, swimming, visiting, love, bush walking, exchange of holidays.

GHJF2b-+ Darlington Debrah, Box 881, Agona Swedru, GHANA. O: footballer H: sport, music, hot letters.

CUJF3- Yuri Alexander Usent Zolenado, Vecino de Calle Jardinez 54%9-11, Reporto Veguita de Galo, Santiago de Cuba; CUBA. A:34m, honesta, cari”osos H: conocer una chica agradable para establecer relaciones amorosa con la edad de 30-35 a”os.

GHJF4-+ Regina Asare, B-222-cp inn; West Lake, Nsoatre BA, GHANA. A:23f, romantic, goodlooking, single, kind, honest, reliable O: student H: music, visit, travel, sports, beach, cooking, want to have a serious man in my life.

HKJF5- Mok Chung Lam, TSW Box 203, HONG KONG. I like to exchange mint set stamps, FDCs, souvenir sheets, miniature sheets, coin, banknotes, phonecards etc. I collect any topic, any country, any year.

GHJF6-+ Linda Tracey, PO Box CO 2596, Beach Road Resort, Tema; GHANA. A:24f, 5'8", easy going, honest, trustworthy, charming... I am really seeking for a new life and long term relationship with a white affectionate male.

GHJF10-+ Kate A Annan, PO Box 938, Akim-Oda, GHANA. A:26f L: English H: modelling, swimming, musicals - I wish to correspond with a man from my country, age is not important.

GHJF11- Daniel Asare Eghan, Wesley Int'l School, Box 2450, Koforidu-Adweso ER, GHANA. A:13m L: English H: penpals, sport.

GHJF12-+ Juana Evans, PO Box BJ 41, Awutu Bawjiase CR, GHANA. A:23f H: romance, travelling, visitation, exchange of gifts.

Friday, June 10, 2005 at 11:42:47

INJE66- Miss Rekha, d/o Marka Bandu, 101 VOC Street, Dhalayanayakan Pettah, Chengam TN; INDIA.
A:16f O: student H: worldwide female friends, tour, reading, tv, photos, gift.

Dora Appiah, PO Box 1413, Sunyani BAR, GHANA.
A:25f, loyal, romantic, affectionate, caring, sexy, serious. Want to meet a serious man to share the rest of my life.

JPJE71- Yui Taya, 447-2 Mizumaki, Oyabe-shi, JP-932-0811 Toyama-ken, JAPAN. A:24f H: music, movies, shopping, sports, watching football, hang out with friends, female penpals wanted in Europe, Australia, New Zealand L: English, Spanish, Korean.

GHJE72- Prince Oteng, Universal School, PO Box 37, Koforidua ER; GHANA. A:13m H: penpals, exchange gifts, books, money.

GHJE73+ Abigail Frimpong, PO Box 33 WF, Wamfie BA, GHANA. A:39f L: English H: travel, marriage, banknotes collection.

USJE74+ Patrick O'Shea, 264 So La Cienega Blvd 706, BH; CA 90211, USA. A:50m L: English H: astronomy.

GHJE75-+ Gina Otoo, PO Box 759 Kingston St, Agona Swedru; GHANA. A: 28f H: swimming, dancing, reading, books, travel, romance, love, marriage, photo exchange.

Satish Kumar, H no 666/20 Gandhi Colony MT, IN-132103 Panipat, INDIA.
A:24m L: English, Hindi
H: modling, photo exchange.

INJE77a- Sunita Rani, Opp 373 MT, IN-132103 Panipat, INDIA. A:26 L: Hindi, English, Punjabi H: penpals, photo please.

GHJE78- Asem Kwasi Emmanuel, c/o Church of Jesus, PO Box 560, Nungua; Accra, GHANA. A:29m O: seaman
H: music, dance, travel, sport * Email:

Monday, May 30, 2005 at 11:50:28

USJE43-+ Abner C Old 14635824 SRCI, 777 Stanon Blvd, Ontario OR 97914-8335, USA. A:37m, 5'6", 160 lbs, bi, Caucasian L: English H: culinary arts, swimming, hiking, camping, writing, music, reading - looking for male penpals 18-40.

PL44a- Jadwiga Gaponik, Box 47, PL-41-800 Zabrze 1, POLAND. A:20 H: music, sport, banknotes.

PLJE44b- Monika Bienik, Box 47, PL-41-800 Zabrze 1, POLAND. A:20 H: sports, banknotes.

LYJE45- Ramadon S Zalconiah, LIBYA. A:22m, Ghanaian H: penpals * Email:

Boukemidja Ali, 20 rue Mar chal Soult, Alger; ALGERIA.

A:37m L: Arabe, francais
H: mariage avec femme.

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 13:34:11

ITJE26+ A Berton, Via delle Rose 39, IT-35126 Padova, ITALY. H: collector of old candellation of Austria and Levant Russia, idem France, England, Germany, Italy.

USJE27- Robert Miles, 109 Fox Dr, Saluda SC 291338, USA.
A:28m L: English H: basketball, music.

CUJE29- Victor Ernesto Soto, San Geronimo 555, Stge de Cuba; CUBA. A:32m, soltero H: el hogar, pasear mudo, conocer, deseo tener realci’n con una muchacha 20 a 50 a”os.

USJE30-+ Rolando Hernandez 97A4788, MMCF, 1000 Mt Mcgregor Rd Box 2071, Wilton NY 12831, USA. A:33m, energetic, love exercising, doing different things. Men and women, write !

GHJE31- Oduro Samuel, PO Box 1435, Koforidua ER, GHANA. A:14m L: English H: penpals, exchange of gifts, banknotes.

INJE32- Lisha Wilson, 8Z/1B/12 Rahim Ostagar Road, IN-700045 Calcutta, INDIA. A:34f H: hot correspondence, adult letter writing, blue photo exchange, foreign currency exchange - return postage, please!

USJE33-+ Deshawn Branch 382313, Dorm H-21; PO Box 788, Jackson LA 70748, USA. A:29m, 6'3"/190 lbs, healthy
H: good listener, very compassionate, love kids and pets, seek marriage minded lady who is loyal and sincere, any race, love to talk.

INJE37+ Rameswar Patro / Media, 23-45 Society Building Busstand, Chawk, IN-761110 Aska, Orissa; INDIA. Hundreds of several thousands stamps, used and unused, coins. H: worldwide broadminded penpals, no age or sex bar...

GHJE38- Alhassan Zakari, PO Box 130, Jamasi-Ashanti, GHANA.
A:18m H: penpals, reading, pets, cats * Email:

GHJE41-+ Gloria Arthur, PO Box 564, Berekum BA, GHANA. A:23f, kind, loving, honest - looking for a marriage-minded an to share my life with.

Friday, May 27, 2005 at 10:12:25

Sverrir Adalbjornsson,
PO Box 5289,
IS-125 Reykjavik, ICELAND.
A:68m L: English H: history, nature, travel - looking for female penfriends, 50+, worldwide.

INJE19a+ P V Henry, PO Box 6, IN-683562 Kizhakkambalam, Kerala; INDIA. A:63m H: I'm handicapped man, no steady income. Seeking old females for correspondence, financial help, penpals both sexes ok.

INJE19b+ Mrs Susan Henry, PO Box 6, IN-683562 Kizhakkambalam, Kerala; INDIA. A:52f L: English H: penfriends correspondence with ladies only, worldwide.

KZJE20++ Pyotrs Mihailovich Mostarenko, V Radostovza 152 G 46, KZ-480060 Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN.
A:25m L: English, Russian O: professional piano tuner H: magazines, letters, swap and collecting of all - I'm in search of clients for my occupation abroad.

KZJE20b+ TIEN SHAN - international contact magazine for penpals, correspondence, collectors, friends, businessmen, exchange of ideas, holidays, visits, marriage etc. Send your name, address, age, sex, education, ocupation, languages, hobbies, photo, advertisement. Your ad is free. Sample copy US$ 5, sample copy and your ad in the next issue US$ 8. Write to: Pyotrs Mihailovich Mostarenko, V Radostovza 152 G 46, KZ-480060 Almaty, KAZAKHSTAN.

CAJE21- Vedrana Vokic, 707-1228 Nicola, CA-V6G-2Y6 Vancouver BC, CANADA. A:46f H: penfriends.

CUJE22- Yunaida Castillo Gutierrez, Santa Silia 6, entre Yarallo y Mariana Grajale, Reparto Los Olmos, Santiago de Cuba; CUBA. A:23f, 159/63 L: Espa”ol H: deceo mantener relaciones con hombr de edad determinada.

CUJE23- Arquimede Carrasco Sagarra, Santa Silia 6, entre Yarallo y Mariana Grajale, Reparto Los Olmos, Santiago de Cuba; CUBA. A:30f, 176/58 L: Espa”ol O: operario de la salŖd H: deseo mantener relaciones con mujeres de edad determinada no inporta el de ferto que tenga.

MYJE24- Baker Hamir, GPO 88670 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysio, Borneo; MALAYSIA. A:32 L: English
H: like to have friends all over the world.

GHJE25- Beatrice Nyarko, PO Box 133, Berekum-Kato, GHANA. A:23f, marriage minded O: hair dresser H: watching tv, dancing, swimming, reading.

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