Name:Raimo Kaarna
Occupation:šthe publisher
Info:Signal International Penpal Magazine, published by Raimo Kaarna printed magazine established in 1960, on web since 1997 By now some 1.000.000 web readers, 382.000 copies printed in all, i.e. 2.000.000 readers in 50 years. 200.000 letters received via snailmail from the readers in all, now 1.000 yearly... Web Signal updated daily - printed Signals issued 4-6 times yearly. Your penpal ad in the web Signal free, in the printed Signal for US$ 10, Euro 10 or 10 International Reply Coupons (from post), photo ad US$ 10, Euro 10 or 10 IRCs Single copies of the printed Signal cost US$ 10, Euro 10 or equivalent each, buy issues 1/2010; 2/2010; older "collectors' items" Signal-issues 83/1995; 82/1994 and 64/1987 $3 each postpaid by surface mail RAIMO KAARNA - THE PUBLISHER WHO ? age 67, divorced, two adult daughters (ages 40 and 43) HOBBIES publishing of the Signal International, mail trade, correspondence, reading and writing about 1.000 snailmail letters and almost 100.000 emails yearly movies, tv, magazines, newspapers, fleamarkets, collecting, computers, Internet WORK & EDUCATION - now "freelance publisher" of the Signal Penpal Magazine, printed & internet editions - retired ex-assistant to the advertising manager in the daily newspaper EtelÄ-Suomen Sanomat 1966-1989 - undergraduate from Lahden Lyseo 1964 - commercial college Lahden Kauppaopisto 1965 MAIL ADDRESS: RAIMO KAARNA SIGNAL INTERNATIONAL BOX 150, FI-15111 LAHTI, FINLAND E-MAIL:

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